KISA (Korea Internet & Security Agency) in Malaysia

Today, CyberSecurity Malaysia has organized one business meeting on information security. There are 10 companies from Korea comes with their products and solutions.

I would says, most of the product come with not really a new technology but its stable enough to be implemented and ready to be use by the enterprise in order to protect their business. On my side, my intentioned more on log management and SIM (Security Information Management).


1. Company name:  Duzon

Product name:

APO Service Solution for Unified Security Monitoring

ARGOS Solution for Information audit within company

2. Company name: J COM Information Co., Ltd  (

Product name:

e-Pentagon ESM

3. Company name: JIRAN SOFT Co., Ltd

Product name:


4. Company name: NICS TECH Co., Ltd.

Product name:

Safe PC Enterprise

5.Company name:  IGLOO SECURITY., Inc.

Product name:


6. Company name: Oullim Information Technology

Product name: SECUREWORKS 10000 / 5000, SECUREWORKS 3000/2000/1000 (MIDDLE-END), SECUREWORKS 205/210 (BRANCH & SOHO), SECUREWORKS TRUiN 550/150/50 (SSL VPN)

7. Company name: NileSOFT Ltd

Product name: LogCops (Management System for Full Log Life Cycle) , Secuguard SSE  (System Security Explorer), Secuguard NSE (Network Security Explorer)


Product type: Web Firewall and DB Firewall

9.  Company name: NexG Vforce UTM solution

Product type: Anti spam, firewall, IPS, VPN

10. Company name: UNION COMMUNITY Co., Ltd

Product type: Biometric and RFID technology, fingerprint search and so on.

I’ve requested few demo products from the participants and look forward to test this out.  I do interested and few companies, hopefully their solutions properly functioning and deploy-able.



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