KOOBFACE – Inside a Crimeware Network

MUST READ! recently (12/11/2010) Infowar-monitor.net  came out with very good analysis on hackers activities inside their own network called “KOOBFACE: Inside a Crimeware Network” by Nart Villeneuve with a foreword by Ron Deibert and Rafal Rohozinski. Good work guys!

Not a related image.

Its good to see this kind of documentation/analysis where its drilled down to technical methodology, related community and  financial operation (affiliate programs and monetization strategies).  This really showed the organized cybercrime (OCC) really making alot of money from their activities. As stated there, KOOBFACE activities earning more than USD2million a year.

KOOBFACE is a command and control server where able to download archived copies of Koobface’s command and control infrastructure. The contents of the archived  revealed the malware, code and databases used to maintain Koobface.

How do they do that? Please read through this well documented analysis.




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