The forgotten part – Mailgate as your mail server firewall.

Email file transfer is a natural part of modern communication and we can no longer imagine everyday life without it. However, emails frequently also transport viruses or unwanted programs. Many of these viruses/unwanted programs were conceived especially to attack Windows operating systems. But it must be considered that there is also a danger for Open Source systems, because UNIX mail servers also transport malware. This offers an easy opportunity for cyber-attackers to penetrate your network. Windows clients can be infected, and thus computers of their messaging partners can also be affected. Business users increasingly rely on UNIX.

However, with free software entering companies and institutes, the alternative operating systems are increasingly targeted by virus programmers. Therefore, virus protection on UNIX will still be needed in the future.

Mailgate scans all incoming and outgoing emails (including attachment) on your mail server. Most tailgate can operate on a variety of MTA (Mail Transport Agents), such as sendmail, postfix, exam, Qmail and other programs. More info at: avira mailgate (


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