John Mauchly – apparently is the one who invented the first computer and the first skateboard.


A video biography on John Mauchly, inventor of the computer and the skateboard.
John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert were the inventors of ENIAC, widely considered the first electronic computer. With its grand unveiling in l946, that large, blinking contraption set the public’s imagination reeling like never before –would this machine really be able to take over human tasks? Would there actually be use for such a thing?
Mauchly: The Computer and the Skateboard tells the story of what happens to the inventor as the huge potential of his invention begins to dawn on those around him: from the triumphant unveiling and first successful operations to the crushing blow of being stripped of the patent. co-directors Jim Reed, who is Mauchly’s grandson, and Paul David weave archival footage together with interviews of Mauchly’s colleagues and friends to create an eclectic homage to mauchly and a new perspective on the history of computation.