Nagios – Popular Monitoring System

What would be the most industrial standard monitoring system? My annswer is Nagios. On Nagios I have experienced on multiple times of deployment on critical, big scale or small medium environment, nagios never fail to deliver and does exactly what it’s suppose to do.

Nagios is considered by many network professionals as the best open-source software out there for network monitoring. It is certainly the most popular among the bunch. Originally designed to best be run on a Linux setup, it is also available in Unix formats and these Unix variants are not difficult to locate. Nagios is designed to monitor many different network protocols including POP2, HTTP, NNTP, FTP, SSH, SMTP, ICMP and SNMP. It is also designed to monitor resources such as disk usage, and system logs, and also processor loads. It manages remote monitoring by utilizing SSL or SSH via encrypted tunnels.

Nagios is server monitoring application designed with a simple but extremely user-friendly interface all installed with a simple plug-in. This allows users to customize their setup based on their individual needs. Nagios has an amazing ability to differentiate downed hosts from those that are simply unreachable. This is accomplished by utilizing a hosting hierarchy which uses “parent” hosts. When network problems arise, the network administrator is immediately notified via the method of choice, be that email, SMS, or whatever other method that has been selected. Nagios is head and shoulders above some of the other competition in this niche, when it comes to customer loyalty, and reputation.


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