Open source PACS & DICOM from DCM4CHE

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Last 2 weeks I have configured and played with dmc4che. Its a collection of open source application and utilities for the health care enterprise, PACS and DICOM has been used by hospital in Malaysia from government and pubic sector, 80% of them using PACS/DICOM standard. Its has been developed in Java language to achieve performance and portability, supporting deployment on JDK 1.4 and up. 

With integration few components I managed to run it at local server. 


In order to complete the test I have downloaded DICOM sample image from

You need to use dmcsnd, example;
./dcmsnd CDRECORD@ /home/senn/Downloads/GOUDURIX/GOUDURIX/ -L DCMSND:10104

Once you insert the sample image you can start to browse patient ID and so on.

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 11.24.49 AM

Once you have all these, you can start to play with DICOM and PACS.

To search the PACS we use the DICOM command C-FIND. This command takes as an argument a DICOM object that represent a query. The PACS transforms the object that we send to a query, probably to SQL, runs it and then transform every result record back into a DICOM object and send it back to us in a C-FIND response. The PACS sends one C-FIND response for every result record.

To learn more, I found this very straightforward website to teach DICOM and PACS.


Morning Mukha sudah satu tahun

Last year 6 April 2012, we (my team) have started food & beverages business. Basically its only operate during breakfast, 4 hours a day/ 6 days in a week. Its in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. You can visit official website at

The business doing well for now. Alhamdulillah.

Part of the team:


Here is some of the media review:



PACS – Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)


So many things to play within limited time frame.

OK! This is what have been focusing in last few weeks.

PACS is a combination of hardware and software dedicated to the images archiving. The biggest consumers of PACS are hospitals. PACS main purpose is to replace hard film copies with digital images that can be used and seen by several different medical professionals and different medical automation system simultaneously.

The system’s server contains the image database. The clients connect to the server through a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network WAN). The network type selected depending on the infrastructure capability, like in Malaysia most of the clients connected through LAN.

New PACS system usually integrated with web-base feature for easy remote access from PACS workstation and can be use over LAN and WAN. Remote access makes it easier and more convenient for several different practitioners to view the same information simultaneously. PACS also makes it easier for radiologist to manage patient exam workflow.

P/S: I will try to cover DICOM protocol soon.