This Blog

wnnsnn is my weblog about all kinds of computer technology, computer security, network technology and IT monitoring management. I may also use it to write about other subjects that I find relevant.


My name is Razwan Mokhtar. I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I'm a technology lover. Currently working as a Overseas System Engineer/Consultant for a company in Australia ( and also founder of Continuity Skateboards, Morning at Mukha, BNGKL. You can find more information

My previous company:

Elanet Sdn Bhd - Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia (Network Security / Senior System Administrator)

Standard Chartered Bank - World Wide (Security and network analyst )

Spectrum-Edge Sdn Bhd - Malaysia ( Senior Security Engineer)

Regal Paradigm Sdn Bhd (IT Security Consultant) and retire soon!!

Part of certification and involvement:

Certified Linux User, Professional Certified Network Security and Internet Optimization
Certified Security Trainer and doing my Lead Auditor ISO 27001

You can contact me at:

Email: razwan

Twitter: @dancin9machine & @continuitysb

Intragram: @continuitysb @sennnator


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